Apply For Funding: Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for funding are consistent for all grant types, except where specifically noted.

NOTE FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH GRANTS: Reviewers will look at the quality of the science with specific attention as to whether the study has the potential to make a significant difference in furthering the understanding and advancement of the treatment and management of sleep disordered breathing.


  • What will be achieved?
  • What are the chances that the achievement will happen?
  • Is this the best possible use of money to achieve the desired results?


  1. Completeness of Application
    • Objectives of organization are realistic and appropriate
    • All requested items included with application

  2. Does the project help fulfill the mission of the ResMed Foundation?
    • What will the project achieve?
    • Are there long term benefits?

  3. Needs/Goals/Objectives
    • Are needs realistically addressable by the proposed program?
    • Does this program provide solutions that are not provided by other organizations?
    • Is the organization seeking appropriate collaborations to increase the effectiveness/efficiency of their program?
    • Are objectives related to outcomes?
    • Are objectives measurable?
    • How will outcomes impact near term clinical practice (for clinical research proposals)

  4. Implementation - Work Plan
    • Is there a plan with projected measurable milestones?
    • Is there a timetable; is the timeframe clear and realistic?
    • Is staffing adequate?
    • Is the staff qualified and competent?

  5. Monitoring/Evaluation
    • Is there a plan to monitor and evaluate the program?
    • Will reports be provided as required (For Clinical Research and Awareness Grants reports are required on a semi-annual basis. Community Philanthropy requires a final report).
    • For past Foundation grant recipients have reporting requirements been fulfilled?

  6. Budget and Other Funding Sources
    • Is budget complete and appropriate to program?
    • Is program cost effective?
    • Are there currently other sources of funding?
    • Is there a plan to obtain further funding?
    • Administrative overhead does not exceed 4%?