Apply For Funding: Clinical Research Proposals

Application Process & Checklist of Required Attachments

  • Complete the Clinical Research Proposal Cover Sheet, providing all requested information
  • Write and provide a Proposal Narrative
  • Provide the Curriculum Vitae of PI (NIH grant application format)
  • Provide a list of current board members, officers and staff, as well as who will be involved with the project, and any conflict of interests
  • Provide proposed program budget
  • Proof of federal and state not-for-profit status (IRS tax exempt determination letter and EIN Federal tax ID number)
  • If applying from outside of the United States, proof of not-for-profit status must be attached to proposal along with tax identification number
  • Provide IRB approval information

Grant Proposal Deadlines

Grant proposals will be reviewed biannually, and should be submitted according to the following timeline:

Application Deadline:
March 15
September 15
Decision Made By:
April 30
October 31


Proposals are reviewed and recommendations made to fund or decline by the Scientific Review Committee. They are then reviewed and a final decision to approve or decline made by the Board of Trustees. In reviewing a proposal, the Proposal Evaluation Criteria will be used as a guideline to determine the study's fundability.

Be sure to include all required documentation, including a detailed budget for the project. Incomplete applications will delay the approval process.

Funding Process

If the board approves funding, a formal Letter of Agreement (LOA) between the ResMed Foundation and grantee will be sent for signature. Upon receipt of two fully executed originals, the initial funding payment will be made. Subsequent payments will be made based on the progress of the study, as outlined in the Semi-Annual Reports. The Foundation reserves the right to discontinue funding if the study is not carried out in a timely manner, patient recruitments achieved and/or the study in compliance with the original grant proposal.

Semi-Annual Report Deadlines

June 15
December 15


Kristi Burlingame
Executive Director
ResMed Foundation
7514 Girard Avenue
Suite I-343
La Jolla, CA 92037

t: 858-361-0755

Applications may be submitted via the web: Apply Online.